How to revise maths?

With exams just around the corner (GULP), I’ve decided to do a slightly different post and give you some tips for how to revise maths.

1) Ask your teachers for advice – it may seem scary or embarrassing or make you feel stupid but I can guarantee you that it’s perfectly fine to ask for help. As someone who has offers to study maths at some great universities, I still often ask for help from my teachers. Just a few weeks ago I went back twice to my teacher for help on the same question she’d already helped me with. It was awkward but I now understand how to answer that type of question. It’s great for them to clarify something you don’t understand and it can often stick in your head better if you hear it again.20160404_103931

2) Do loads of practice questions and papers – for maths it isn’t just the case of memorising a few formula; you have to know how to use it. Because of this, it is a good idea to do practice questions for each topic. It is especially important to do practice papers as often the questions on one paper will be very similar to questions on another paper. This can be a great advantage if a question comes up that is similar to one you’ve seen before. (Note: I know this will be harder for those starting the new GCSE’s and A levels where there are not a lot of past papers available)

3) Repeat a formula out loud multiple times – some people work better with audio methods of learning. If you repeat the formula to someone, they can correct you if you get it wrong. I personally find this a good way of memorising formula’s; you want to show that person you can get it right so you are more likely to remember it. If you don’t have someone to do this with, why not make a voice recording of yourself repeating the formula and listen to it whilst on the loo or walking to school.20170225_155519

4) Make revision cards and posters for key formula – by writing out the formula you have to know, it is more likely to stick in your head than if you just read it from a text book. Once you’ve created these resources why not stick them around your room so every time you go past it you can read it. I like putting them next to my light switch so when I turn the light on/off I can read it. (Regarding the picture: yes, I have a dimmer switch – it’s very old)

5) Watch online tutorialsexam solutions or maths and physics tutor (for A level) are brilliant online resources for maths. They have great guides and video tutorials on how to answer maths questions. It will help you to know how to answer the questions for different topics.

Good luck to those of you who have maths exams soon, I hope these help. Please remember that these are just suggestions and might not work for everyone. If you have any questions about maths revision please feel free to comment below.

Solitaire Review

solitaire.jpgIn case you’re wondering, this is not a love story.

My name is Tori Spring. I like to sleep and I like to blog. Last year – before all that stuff with Charlie and before I had to face the harsh realities of A-Levels and university applications and the fact that one day I really will have to start talking to people – I had friends. Things were very different, I guess, but that’s all over now.

Now there’s Solitaire. And Michael Holden.

I don’t know what Solitaire are trying to do, and I don’t care about Michael Holden.

I really don’t.

Tori Spring is a sixth former who hates life. She doesn’t care about most things, except for her brothers. This story shows her as she tries to survive sixth form, her thoughts and her friends. Alice’s writing was really gripping, I was constantly wondering who Solitaire was. I had a few suspects in mind yet I was wrong. No surprise there – I’d be a pants Sherlock Holmes. I was a tad surprised at who the culprits were but I’m not sure whether I believed they could have gone to that extreme for the stated reason. But as this is fiction, it added to the shock of who and why.

I liked having the insight into Tori’s thoughts. I’ve never seen the thoughts of a pessimist before so it was interesting for me to see how careless they were. It is great to see a book where mental health isn’t romanticised. It seems like Alice really did her research. I also liked the fact that Tori goes to sixth form. It really resonated with me as someone who is of a similar age at a sixth firm college. It was nice to have a character take both maths and English A levels like me. I find this as a rare thing (or so institutions told me when I applied). Above all though, my favourite part of the book was Tori’s relationship with her brothers (especially Charlie). Not only is she there for them, they are there for her. It made me have all the feels. All the feels I tell you.

This is the first book I’ve read from Alice Oseman and it certainly lives up to the hype. I will definitely be reading more books from Alice in the future and I recommend that you pick one up too.

Contagion Review


An epidemic is sweeping the country.
You are among the infected. There is no cure; and you cannot be permitted to infect others. You are now under quarantine.
The very few of the infected who survive are dangerous and will be taken into the custody of the army.

Young runaway Callie survived the disease, but not the so-called treatment. Her brother Kai is still looking for her. And his new friend Shay may hold the key to uncovering what truly happened.

From the author of the international sensation Slated comes the first book in a powerful new story of survival and transformation; love and power.


HOLY FUDGE!!!!! This book is amazing. It is no overstatement for me to say that this book is one of my favourite reads – ever. Teri Terry’s writing made me feel like I was with Callie, Shay and Kai every step of the way. I felt their pain, their joy and their fear. I am in love with this book.

A virus that has a fatality rate of 99% to all those that aren’t immune travels its way across the UK in a matter of days. Yet, everything is not as obvious as it seems. With secrets even the police don’t know, Shay, Kai and Callie try to discover the truth. The plot is addictive and fast-paced. I wanted more and more and more (I still do – when is the next book out????*).  It is very Sci-Fi/Dystopian yet it’s scary when you consider that this isn’t completely unrealistic. The twist at the end where we finally get some answers was unexpected but I loved it. It’s such a great concept. Having said that, not all my questions were answered and with this being a trilogy I’m going to have to wait for them (But seriously, when is the next book out???? I don’t care if this one hasn’t even been published yet, I need it.*)

Callie, Kai and Shay are like the three musketeers. I can’t imagine this book without any of the characters. I love them all. Shay is a feisty character, full of passion and talents – something that although she is embarrassed by, I am jealous of. Callie is revengeful; I felt her pain and can’t wait for her to get the revenge she so desperately needs. Kai is just amazing. I want to go on but I’m worried it will just be pages of me saying I love them. I felt part of their team as they try to solve what is happening. I kind of want them to be real.

This book is fast paced and captivating. It’s a perfect book, one that I will be reading again and again. I urge you to pick up a copy when this fantastic book is published. (Contagion by Teri Terry is published on the 18th May 2017 by Hachette.)


* I understand that books take time to write and publish but this need is strong. 😀


Note: I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book at YALC 2016. All views are my own.

Much Ado About Nothing – Review

One of Shakespeare’s most witty and enjoyable comedies, Much Ado About Nothing is a play that explores courtship, romance and marriage through a number of relationships. Most famously that of the irrepressible Beatrice and Benedick as they trade their wits against one another, criticising the notion of marriage, yet slowly falling in love with one another as they do so.


This play is part of my required reading for my English Literature and Language A level. I was apprehensive about having to read this, as my past experience with Shakespeare plays have been bad. I dislike the sobriety of them, and the over the top death toll. This is the first play however which I would happily read again.

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy and although I rarely chuckled, I really enjoyed it. The treachery, disguise and witty banter made what should have been hard to read, easy to follow and interesting. My favourite characters were definitely Beatrice and Benedick. Their progression from disgust towards marriage, to engaged to one another was definitely the best part of the play. I love how they are both intelligent yet proud, quick witted yet stubborn. Beatrice’s independence and dominance make her a fantastic feminist in times where these qualities were seen as comical due to their unlikeliness. As for the other characters, I thought that Dogberry was pointless and deserved his title of ‘ass’ and that Claudio turned from a sweet to a horrible man. His treatment of Hero was over the top, and completely ignorant to her feelings.

Much Ado About Nothing has made me realise that maybe Shakespeare isn’t as bad or as boring as plays such as King Lear have led me to believe.

Do you have any suggestions for other Shakespeare plays you think I might like?

HP Writing Cup

Do you want to write but have no motivation or will power? I have the perfect solution. The Harry Potter Writing Cup.

The Harry Potter Writing Cup is a fun competition where each word you write earns a point for your respective Hogwarts House. What a better way to motivate yourself to write, than to help your team be victorious. Here are the rules:

1) The House Cup is being hosted by myself (Hufflepuff), Cheyenne (Ravenclaw), Tanya (Gryffindor) and Trisha (Slytherin). Follow us on our blogs, our Twitters and @HPWritingCup for important updates.

2) Each word you write during the month of January counts as a point for your Harry Potter house. As long as it’s creative, this can be anything you want (eg fiction, blog posts). If you are editing a novel, we are going by the NaNoWriMo rules and counting each hour of editing as 1000 words.

3) We will be posting a form on the 31st so you can enter your house and final word count. We are trusting that you will be honest.

4) We will be hosting weekly chats every Saturday at 3pm GMT to chat about writing and giving opportunities for extra house points. Follow the hashtag #HPWritingCup for the chat. I will be hosting the first chat on Saturday 7th about Writing Goals.

5) Have fun!

Click here for Cheyenne’s original rule post.

British Books Challenge 2017


Chelley Toy from Tales of Yesterday is hosting a British Book Challenge for 2017. The aim is to read at least 12 books all written by British authors in 2017. I haven’t decided on all my reads yet but here are the first few I plan on reading:

1) Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare  (January)

2) ReMade by Alex Scarrow (February)

3) Solitaire by Alice Oseman (February)

4) Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham

5) Contagion by Teri Terry (January)

6) The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury (March)

I will be adding all my reviews for this challenge on this page. I’ve been meaning to read a few of these books for a while so this will be a great motivation to finally read them. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all.

If you like the sound of this, you can take part yourself. Just sign up at

Introducing Probability Reading

Hello! Welcome to my blog Probability Reading.

First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Megan and I’m 18. As you might be able to tell from the blog name, I love maths and reading. An odd combination so everyone tells me. I’m currently doing A levels and wishing I was reading more. I used to write a blog called but decided I wanted a fresh start with a blog that felt more me.

I’ve created this blog as a place for myself to share opinions on books and many other things. I shall hopefully also be writing some discussion posts on topics important to me. It is possible I will also be writing some random posts when an idea pops into my head.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin and on Twitter (@butterflybourne) and say hi! I don’t bite (unless you’re cake, then be careful).


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