My Review Policy

I’m currently happy to accept books from:

Publishers, authors – including self published or indie books.

What books do I accept?

I currently only read YA books (and the occasional MG book). Whilst I am open to reading any genre within the YA bracket, I will not read erotica. I am happy to accept either physical or electronic copies however I prefer reading a physical copy if possible.

Where are my reviews shared?

My reviews are posted on my blog and always shared on my Twitter account @butterflybourne. I’m also happy to publish the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

When do I post my reviews?

I always try my best to read a book to review within a month after receiving it, however this is not always possible due to being a full time student about to start an undergraduate degree.

If you’d like to contact me about review copies, blog tours or guest posts please email or visit my contact page.

Please note: Whilst I love books, sometimes they are not my cup of tea. In these cases, I will try and pass the book onto someone else who I think would be more suited towards it.