YALC 2018 Haul

Finally, over a month later, here is my YALC haul. Yes ,I spent a lot of money but I had saved for a while for the event and surprisingly still came away with money in my purse.

Firstly, I brought ALLLL the books. In the picture those on the right are those I purchased, the bottom three on the left are books I swapped in the book swap and the top two on the left are a proof and the Penguin year book of samplers.


I picked up a lot of samplers this year from the publishers stalls. So many so that I struggled to fit them all in one photograph, meaning those aren’t doubles, I’ve just photographed them twice.

I also picked up lots of freebies this year from publishers, including a lot of badges (button and pin), some pencils, a cute mirror and lots of postcards that I will definitely be putting up in my uni room this year.

I don’t have a photo of my LFCC purchases, but I picked up 2 bath and body works hand sanitisers which smell amazing. I got Sweet Pea and Peach Bellini. I also got a Hufflepuff necklace. Luckily for my wallet that was it as I didn’t spend as much time in the LFCC part this year as I have in previous years.

If you haven’t already you can read my YALC round ups here and here.

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