YALC Saturday – Round Up

After a long wait, here is my round up of my Saturday at YALC 2018.

After I entered, I immediately started walking around and taking in all the fantastic stalls that were there this year. The publishers, sellers and YALC had gone all out this year with some brilliant displays, including the YALC book wall and Penguin’s high school.20180728_151212

I purchased Floored and Holly Bourne’s latest release Are we all Lemmings and Snowflakes? from Waterstones and also swapped one of my books for the Raven Boys at the Hot Key Books book swap, a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while now.


I then watched a fantastic performance from Evan Hanson at the Penguin stall. They were doing a raffle to win an early copy of the book but alas I didn’t win – though I will definitely be grabbing a copy once it’s out.

20180728_123711I loved STAGS by M.A.Bennett so I picked up a copy of The Island and got it signed by the lovely M.A.Bennett, I can’t wait to see what this book has instore.

I picked up lots of samplers walking around with Alex from InkedBooks and tried to restrain myself from buying all the books in the 1.5 hours I had already been there. I did however, pick up a copy of Eve of Man by Tom and Giovanna Fletcher then picked up some virtual queue tickets for their signing and talk. I was lucky to get quite low numbers (under 100) due to Alex telling me that you had to pick one up. I was shocked however to find that YALC didn’t advertise this fact to everyone until an hour before their signing at which point the tickets were veering onto number 300.

I then got Floored signed by 6 of the 7 authors, unfortunately the queue was too long for Lisa Williamson so I had to miss her to get to a talk on time. I also got my own copies of AQKOT, The Sleeping Prince and And A Happy New Year? signed by Sara Barnard, Melinda Salisbury and Holly Bourne respectively.


I then watched the first 20 minutes of the Amongst the Stars panel before sneaking out to met with Sue Ransom (an author I did a YASHOT post with a while back) which was lovely meeting her in person.

I then went to the Tom and Gi talk and was lucky enough to have a great view. It was so funny, such an amazing and brilliant talk. I loved it!


I then managed to get my book signed by them after walking around collecting more freebies, samplers and managing to get a proof of Izzy and Tristan.

I then dared to explore downstairs at LFCC. It felt a lot less busier than previous years due to a more spaced out layout which was fantastic. I purchased a few things there and even got an awesome Hufflepuff necklace.

I then did a few last bits of exploring at YALC before leaving for Pizza Express! It was such a great day, although I always forget how tiring it is.

Did you go to YALC over the weekend? Let me know your favourite purchase (or proof received) in the comments below. Look out for my Sunday round up and haul which are coming soon.

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