What’s in my YALC bag 2018?

If you’re like me and have yet to pack your bag for YALC this weekend, I thought I’d share a quick, what’s in my YALC bag (or soon to be once I’ve actually got round to doing it)


So, these won’t exactly be in my bag however, comfy shoes are a must. I’m also bringing plasters (just in case) and a portable USB fan (I’ll use a portable charger to work this) and a mini body spray as with this heat I’m sure sweating is going to be a guarantee.


I always print out the schedules, maps and tickets for the weekend so that if my phone ever does die, I have everything I need still. I’m also bringing two portable chargers and my amazing lanyard from Literary Galaxy. If you see me wearing it at YALC, please do say hello!
20180719_112926In this heat, bringing loads of water is a must. I normally have a environmentally friendly water bottle but due to weight and me still having some plastic bottles to use up in the back of my kitchen cupboard, I will be bringing a few of these to keep me hydrated. I also bring some easy to eat, not messy, non melty food that will keep my energy up all day. Along with my Belvita biscuits, I’ll have mini party rings and mini cheddars. (Yes, I like mini food, it’s fun!)

I obviously pack books to bring to get signed and also some books for the book swap. It’s a great place to swap books you aren’t going to read again for someone else to pick up and potentially love. This year, I am placing sticky notes on my books that I want signed with my name and what day/time the signing is.

And finally, this year I purchased this fantastic tote bag with collapsible wheels. I always end up with a mass of totes hanging off my arms so this time if they get too heavy I can pop out the wheels and give my shoulders and arms a break. (well, apart from my backpack).

I’d love to see some of you at YALC this year. I’ll be around on the Saturday and Sunday so if you spot my green tote, my Hufflepuff lanyard or recognise me from my #YALCselfie that I will post each morning then please do say hi. I don’t bite – well, unless you’re an actual piece of cake, then that’s a different story. 😀

One thought on “What’s in my YALC bag 2018?

  1. I went on the Saturday this yeah and it was so good! By your photos I see that you saw Holly Bourne and Melinda Salisbury, aren’t they so amazing. I don’t know about you but The Sleeping Prince is probably one of my favourite YA books, I love it too much.


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