Review- A Shiver of Snow and Sky



A Shiver of Snow and Sky is a wonderful story that captured me and transported me to a new world full of monsters, danger and love. Lisa Lueddecke has created such a beautifully planned world and setting. I could feel myself being taken there, though I was glad I didn’t actually have to feel the cold.

The plot was equally as amazing. The main character, Osa travelled across the dangerous land to put an end to a curse upon their home. I love books with myths and legends and this one was no different. The monsters, especially the Or, were described so well they sounded terrifying. They definitely added to the intensity of the plot.

Osa herself was amazing and brave and she didn’t deserve to be treated to poorly by her sister and father. I liked the flipped narrative between Osa and her journey and Ivar’s time helping at their home. I loved their relationship although my favourite relationship is definitely that of Uxi’s and Osa’s.

The ending was just brilliant which fitted this brilliant book perfectly.

If you get the chance to ever pick up a copy, do! You will not regret it. You can pick up a copy here if you just cannot wait.



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