Q&A: University

As some of you may know, I’m currently in my first year at the University of Bath studying Mathematics. I decided to do a Q and A post about my time so far and I asked you guys on Twitter if you had any questions. These are the things you wanted to know.

(Disclaimer: These are just my opinions and experiences and aren’t reflective of the university experience or the university of Bath/maths degrees)


Me on an evening campus walk

My course is a LOT harder than I expected. At school and college, for me, maths was always something I got quickly and easily so to have to think about a concept for weeks before I finally got it was a shock (and still is a shock) to the system.

Bath University has definitely met my expectations and more. The lectures and social aspect are good and the accommodation is amazing. The university also has a brilliant well-being service who have been exceptional whenever I’ve needed them.

My first semester was difficult and didn’t meet my expectations at all. Before I came everyone hyped university up as the best time of your life and I came here and it wasn’t. I got ill straight away so started off behind and found it hard to make friends as due to being ill, I wasn’t myself. I also didn’t enjoy the clubbing aspect and missed home. I did however enjoy cooking for myself and the two societies I joined: Ballroom dancing and Harry Potter Society. As for the most difficult part, it was probably being behind on my studies from being ill and taking a long time to catch up. That was tough.

(Also, I just want to let you know semester 2 is so much better than my first semester and I’m really enjoying myself here now. I’ve made some super friends, am enjoying the course as I’m not behind and am now the social sec for Harry Potter society. I was just very unlucky getting quite ill very early on)

For ages I didn’t know what I wanted to do but recently I’ve decided I’d like to pursue a career in marketing, most likely the statistical side of it. I’d love to see what statistically works for a company when it comes to advertising to their audiences and who that audience exactly is.

20180219_203727And yes, I procrastinate (as you can tell by me only just writing this post 2 months after asking the question on Twitter).

I get things done by writing a big to do list. I find it satisfying ticking things off and knowing that I’ve done them. I find I procrastinate more if I try to strictly schedule my day so I find it better to go with the flow of the day and follow my mood as to what I’m going to do.


Thanks for all the questions. If you have any more questions, please do comment them below and I’ll answer as soon as possible. 🙂


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