Sampler Sunday

Since I had so many samplers from the last three years at YALC that I’ve not read *shame*, I decided that had to change. So, I’ve created this new feature ‘Sampler Sunday’ where I will post mini reviews of the samplers that I have accumulated and finally read.

sampler sunday 1

1423 QI facts to blow you over

I normally love QI but although these facts were really interesting, it’s just not the same without the brilliant banter. Some of the facts were really fascinating with my favourite fact about a German airline that allows an extra free kilo of hand luggage provided it’s books. How cool!!

1/10 need as non-fiction books aren’t my thing although it does sound interesting

The Boy who drew the future

Wowzers! I absolutely love this and the characters. I really need to know about their gifts and lives; past and future. A really interesting premise that I need.

10/10 need


This is such a cool concept. Was a curious world. I feel bad for ‘caged’ Simon but do think he’s a bit creepy. I’d love to know more about the Otherworld. I hope his relationships improve and that he can fully explore this Otherworld.

9/10 need

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