Freshers – Review


I’ll admit that trying to write a spoiler free review of this was so hard but I persevered and here it is…

After being recommended this from the lovely bunch at #SundayYA, I popped to my local library to borrow a copy so I could read it before I started as a Fresher on the 23rd September. I’m glad I did as despite all the cringey and weird situations, it surprisingly made me feel better about going to university.

This book follows Phoebe and Luke as they tackle their first few months at university. The split narrative was brilliant as it allowed multiple view points to this transition period in their lives. The book was laugh-out-loud funny and really cringey. It covered some awkward situations in a delicate but not cotton wool way.

Luke and Phoebe’s complex relationship had many twists and turns and I have so many spoilery feels about it (message me if you really want them). My feelings towards Luke also twisted and turned but ultimately although I feel he often got the wrong end of the stick, he was also equally to blame for being a bit of a dick.

As for the other characters, I love Phoebe’s close relationship with her flat mates, I thought it was adorable. I also loved Josh – a second year that helped Phoebe settle in.

Overall, not only was it a great read, it taught me a few things, mainly to hide my Nutella in my bedroom. If you’re off to uni soon or at some point in the future I would definitely recommend reading this brilliant book.


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