Top 6 essentials for a bookworm starting university (with Inked Books)

As University is just around the corner (we know others have started already but it is for us), Alex (Inked Books) and I thought it would be interesting to write a pair of blog posts looking at this transitional period from a book worm’s perspective; taking the format that we write one half each.

For this post hosted on my blog we’ve decided to share out top 6 essentials for a bookworm starting university. If you want to, check out our other post ‘Our dream literary flatmates’


Megan and Alex 😀


My (Megan’s) top three

Bookish badges – to put on your student lanyard or backpack. You’ll be able to show your book pride and maybe it will create conversation starters that will lead to a great bookish friendship. This is especially good if like me your doing a very none bookish subject and want to find some like minded people.

Decorations – A lovely bookish quote pillow or a poster will add comfort and cuteness to your uni room. It will give a snuggly, homely feel to help combat that inevitable homesickness.

Tote bags – with the 5p carrier bag charges you will need those bags for grocery shopping. We might as well make it even more fun with our favourite bookish tote or multiple totes as bookish totes spawn like tadpoles (lots all at once – cheers YALC 😀 )

Alex’s top three

A selection of books– Although this obvious, it is very essential and requires a lot of thought! I know Megan has chosen to organise her books into labelled piles ensuring her family know which to bring her when they visit. I think this an ingenious idea! I would recommend taking a variety of books to ensure you able to read what you fancy rather than being stuck with what you have. I definitely think less is more especially if you are taking a book heavy or time-consuming subject!


Alex’s book nook


A book nook– Now this isn’t a singular item to take to University, it is rather a selection.  When going to university it is inevitable you will feel homesick. So, one of the best ways to counteract this is by attempting to recreate where you enjoy reading at home within your university room.

Your favourite or most comforting read– To accompany your book nook it’s a great idea to take a book you often re-read. This is a rather specific item but when you are feeling lonely or homesick you can be comforting by those characters which surround you with familiarity because everyone knows that Harry, Hermione and Ron will help you get through anything!







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