Fresher Friday #1 – Preparing

It’s a week and one day until I move to uni and I still have quite a bit to do. I’ve brought everything I need and decided on a book system (explained below) but my bedroom needs sorting and I need to stop feeling like I’m going to be sick every time I think about university.

My thoughts are currently a mix of this


and this


Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited, but I don’t feel ready. My timetable is released today, the union have announced the fresher’s events, I know how to cook pasta but whilst I should be buzzing, I just feel deflated and refusing to either leave my bed or my mind. I quite frankly just feel sick!

To get over this, I’ve been trying to decide which books to take to uni. No easier said or done. Whilst I still keep changing my mind, I have come up with a system which means I can change my reads. I will be taking one pile with me to uni and have created 5 other piles on my shelf at home. I’ve labelled them all (see image) so that when a family member comes to visit I can ask them, for example, to bring pile D to swap over with the books I originally took and read. And just in case I read them waaay to quickly to swap over, I also have a few books on my Kindle.


Do you have any tips for me about my pre- uni jitters? Please leave on a postcard in the comments

5 thoughts on “Fresher Friday #1 – Preparing

  1. I have to be honest. Even though I read extensively, I barely brought any books to college. I simply didn’t have time to read them! If I needed one, I just went to the library.

    But you’ll be fine! Everyone is just as nervous as you, so don’t hesitate to approach people first and try to make friends!

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