YALC 2017 round-up Part 2

During the last weekend of July I attended the Saturday and Sunday of YALC (the young adult literature convention). It was my third year attending and I had such a great time. I posted here about my time there on the Saturday so I thought I’d also give you guys my Sunday round-up.



Once I arrived after having minimal sleep over night, I wondered around the publisher stalls again (where I purchased STAGS and Cell 7 at the Hot Key Books stand) before heading to the Fandom panel.  I absolutely loved the panel and thought it was sooo funny. Lucy Saxon hosted and she is just brilliant. After the panel I went to Anna Day’s signing where I got my proof of the Fandom signed. Luckily I had a small virtual queue number as the queue was getting quite big quite quickly.



I then popped down to the LFCC floor, something I hadn’t managed to do on the Saturday because of how busy it was. Thankfully it was much quieter and I managed to browse all the merch stalls and restrain myself. I brought just three things, muggle raspberry fudge, a sleeve for my Mark Sheppard photo and a Thor keyring for my fabulous friend who couldn’t make it this year. 😦




Next I went back to the YALC floor and watched the life advice panel. This was so good with brillaint talk of bullying, periods, and life. Benedict Cumberbatch also walked through the panel area and it was great, although I slightly wish he had walked past during the more awkward topics just to have seen his reaction.

Afterwards, I joined a queue for a proof copy of the Treatment which the author kindly signed. I’ve since read this book and my review will be up closer to publication. I then got my copy of Soulmates signed by Holly Bourne (my name twin and my favourite author) and my copy of Beautiful Broken things signed by Sara Barnard. I absolutely loved meeting them both.

Before I went to Juno Dawson’s signing, I attended Penny Joelson’s: Writing a strong voice workshop. It was very interesting to see the different ways to make your character have that strong, individual voice you want them to have.


Josephine Boyce at her stall selling her amazing books


I then took one final lap around the publisher stalls and did some last minute book buying. I purchased Editing Emma upon seeing Jim’s (@Yayeahyeah) recommendation on Twitter. (I also got to meet the lovely Jim briefly on the Sunday which was so nice.) I also purchased THUG and entered their competition to win The Hat You Give (which I found out yesterday that I won – whoop!!). I then stopped off at the Hot Key Book’s stand one last time as they were getting rid of their book swap books without needing to swap so I grabbed The Soterion Mission and The Rig.


Finally, before leaving I headed down to Mark Sheppard’s (aka Crowley in Supernatural) talk which was hilarious. Unfortunately I had to leave early to catch my train home.

I had such a great time at YALC and LFCC again this year and cannot wait to go again next year for my fourth time. Are any of you planning on going again (or for the first time) next year? Let me know in the comments as I’m nosey. 😀

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