This last weekend I attended YALC (the young adult literature convention) and came away with quite a few things, so I thought I’d show you guys what I got. 20170731_104841Firstly, I came home with 18 more books than I took with me. (oops 😀 ) The books on the left are the books I bought. I purchased Resistance, The Mime Order, The Hate You Give, Change, Editing Emma, Cell 7 and Stags. The stalls at YALC had some fantastic offers on their books so I’m surprised I didn’t buy more but I had to be restrained due to limited space to bring them home. BOO!! (Next year I will have to bring a suitcase)

The books of the right are ones I got for free. The bottom two I exchanged in the book swap, the two above those I got from the book swap on the Sunday when they were just getting rid of the books. The other ones are all proofs I was lucky enough to receive. I’m super excited to read them especially the Treatment and The Fandom.


I also got loads of awesome free swag. I won some awesome bits from the Fairy Loot stand, got some totes, sweets and I counted and I got over 30 badges – don’t worry though as I’ll be adding them to a fab piece of art I have in my room. (I’ll show you all when it’s complete – I love it so far) I was also very grateful that the swag item of 2017 was a fan as it was so warm in Olympia.


Whilst there I also bought a YALC T-shirt, a YALC travel mug (for uni) , some Muggle Raspberry fudge from the LFCC floor and I also got my photograph with Mark Sheppard aka Crowley in Supernatural.

I am very pleased with my haul this year and thankfully my purse isn’t crying too much after the weekend. Now, just to sort out my bookshelf…

Let me know which book you think I should read first in the comments below.

P.S If you went to YALC I’d love to read your blog posts or watch your videos – please share your link in the comments 😀

7 thoughts on “YALC Haul

  1. Omg that is a great swag haul! I haven’t had the chance to read through the samplers I picked up, but I’m hoping they’re all amazing (but if that’s the case it means I have to buy like 15 new books when they come out)


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