Missing the old blog??

As you may or may not know, last year I wrote my blog http://www.18thingsbefore.weebly.com. I decided to stop writing it as I had turned 18 and was unsure what to do with it so I decided to start this blog. However, recently I have been missing it and the types of posts I used to post. So I am excited to start posting a mixture of posts again.

However, due to exam season looming, I won’t have the chance to write a lot of new content from April onwards.  I’m really excited to have the time in summer to blog without feeling guilty that I should be working. Until then though I won’t be having zero posts. I’ve decided to share some of my old posts from my old blog http://www.18thingsbefore.weebly.com. I hope you guys enjoy them.

Let me know what types of things you would enjoy reading on my blog.

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