HP Writing Cup

Do you want to write but have no motivation or will power? I have the perfect solution. The Harry Potter Writing Cup.

The Harry Potter Writing Cup is a fun competition where each word you write earns a point for your respective Hogwarts House. What a better way to motivate yourself to write, than to help your team be victorious. Here are the rules:

1) The House Cup is being hosted by myself (Hufflepuff), Cheyenne (Ravenclaw), Tanya (Gryffindor) and Trisha (Slytherin). Follow us on our blogs, our Twitters and @HPWritingCup for important updates.

2) Each word you write during the month of January counts as a point for your Harry Potter house. As long as it’s creative, this can be anything you want (eg fiction, blog posts). If you are editing a novel, we are going by the NaNoWriMo rules and counting each hour of editing as 1000 words.

3) We will be posting a form on the 31st so you can enter your house and final word count. We are trusting that you will be honest.

4) We will be hosting weekly chats every Saturday at 3pm GMT to chat about writing and giving opportunities for extra house points. Follow the hashtag #HPWritingCup for the chat. I will be hosting the first chat on Saturday 7th about Writing Goals.

5) Have fun!

Click here for Cheyenne’s original rule post.

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